What Advanced Industry programs do we offer?

Due to our small group & 1:1 only format, to join each advanced UXGO advanced program an application process is needed, limited spots available each quarter (UXGO members get prioritized access). Reach out to us on Slack, LinkedIn, or Red to learn more.
*Tuition is not included in your regular membership.

UX portfolio full course (4-6 weeks)

Apply for our most in demand advanced course. Working in groups of 2 - 3 to tackle your portfolio (Website + existing projects)

Hiring managers in 2022 have ranked portfolios as the 1# deciding factor in new grad interview selection.

That is why it is crucial for you to start your portfolio right now.

On average, a student needs to spend 200+ hours or 3-6 month to complete a well designed UX portfolio.

Through taking this course with our UXGO FAANG coaches, we push to ensure you are able to complete a polished and competitive UX portfolio in just 4 - 6 weeks time. This includes restructuring your existing projects in addition to building a new webflow portfolio through hands on 1:1 support.

Starting at $2688 (No website needed when applying)

UX Industry Case Study (8-10 weeks)

View our 2022 Google Meets Redesign case study here.
Lacking resume experience or portfolio case study?

Partner with FAANG UXGO coaches to work side by side on real industry client projects and redesign case studies from Google, Expedia, Amazon, Meta, etc.

Learn all the in's and outs of the day to days of a FAANG UX designer, and learn UX story telling, build UX soft skills, and create amazing high-fi prototypes.

You will get real opportunities to learn cross functional collaboration & create data driven products.

All our case studies are taught with an interview ready mindset. Helping our UXGO members find offers at Google, Amazon, Google, Apple & more in 2022.

Starting at $5888 (Limited scholarships available per quarter)

UX interview full prep. (1- 2 weeks)

With over 90% offer guarantee rate. (Even if it is your first interview)
You did it! After all that hard work, you finally got your dream company to interview you! Now what?

Interviews can make anyone feel stressed, especially if it is your first one.

It is hard to find reliable and up to date information, not to mention on demand support in a short notice.

So at UXGO, no matter which big tech company your interview is with, through our wide connection of coaches, we are able to offer you up to date question banks, interview insights, step by step guides, plus mocks from real interviewers at your company.

These classes are all highly customized and done 1:1 in high intensity to ensure your success in a short time.

Starting at $588 - $1688
/  In 2022 alone, we have helped over 50+ students reach their career goal through our advanced programs.

Watch the video overview of our advanced programs below.

View more on youtube.

/ We are able to offer a 10-week tailor made & customized teaching experience for a price that sounds too good to be true because we utilize a peer to peer & mutual selection model. View a sample schedule of what we offer here. (Note your schedule will be customized)

Become a member to apply for our 2023 programs on slack (Limited spots per quater)

How are UXGO Advanced programs different?

After talking with over hundreds of students trying to break into the UX industry last year, many of you who lack work experience and case studies shared 6 pain points with us, let’s see how we can help with that:

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Our UXGO Solution

 At UXGO, you will have weekly 1:1’s with the coach of your own choice so you can ask questions and get live feedback. These are real hour long sessions if demanded by you,

Our UXGO Solution

All applicants are pre-assessed individually before matching in advanced programs. It works well for students coming in with stronger UX backgrounds but with no projects, but also students who are brand new to the UX field.

Our UXGO Solution

At UXGO, the course format is small groups of 3 - 5 students paired with two to three coaches. Similar to an internship or master's study experience, all classes are tailored towards your goals with a personalized agenda.

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Our UXGO Solution

You will have lifetime member access at UXGO. You are supported 24/7 by coaches and our Slack community. Also, you will continue to have access to live industry courses, career development workshops, and all our in-person and virtual events. 

Our UXGO Solution

 At the end of your 10-week course, at UXGO you will not only have a complete portfolio case study, but also a presentable slide deck that you crafted and iterated with your coach.

Our UXGO Solution

At UXGO, Your case studies are developed as if you were part of an internship program. Our role as coach throughout the course is your mentor and guide, but we also play roles as your manager, stakeholders to teach you industry skills like engineering handoff & visual prototyping.

View Sample Schedules & Past Student work