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Highlights: Outside of Epic, I have lots of experience working at start-up companies, in both the fast-paced gaming industry & Fintechs. I can share my experience with you to help you find good paying and exciting startup design opportunities.

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Hannah's Coach Journey

Moving to the US


Studying in China, I knew I wanted more. So when the opportunity presented itself, I came to the US. This was very scary for me because I did not speak English at all. Starting school in a whole new country meant challenges many can not imagine.

Community college to the top HCI program in the US

2018 - 2020

I always knew what I wanted in life, setting up these goals early is the most important step to success.

To get into UW’s HCDE program, one of the top HCI/design programs nationwide, I came up with a plan to study at a community college first then apply.

This of course wasn't easy, meaning I had to be 1 out of hundreds if not thousands of applicants to make the cut. However, with careful planning and execution not only did I get admission to the program, but I was able to set up a road map for myself to graduate within only 3 years. (When most people took 4 -5 years)

Putting in the work

2020 - 2021

As someone who is always keen on planning, I knew academics alone would not take me far in the industry. Especially since I had the disadvantages of English not being my native language.

So to support my own tuition (very expensive as an international student), I worked many contract roles in the design industry from VR start-ups, beauty products, social media products, all the way to fintech. It was this breadth of industry knowledge that helped me quickly understand what doing design in the industry really means, and how to move from role to role.

Joining the Fortnite Team

2020 - 2021

Soon, I landed my big break with an internship at Epic games, Fortnite team. Fortnite was my favorite game so you won't believe how excited I am to join this team.

Not to mention Fortnite has one of the strictest hiring processes for interns. Now I am working full time here, and I am happy to reflect and share more about how I was able to succeed and find my own way in UX despite all odds. I believe with careful planning and dedication you can succeed too, so reach out to me for a chat!

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