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Advanced programs & 1:1's have additional fees on top of regular memberships.

Lifetime Member

Permanently unlock UXGO membership privilege & Content. Best value for beginners.
(Unlocks exclusive events, perks, & priority for waitlists.)
/ $268.66 Forever
Our most popular option!
Long-term career support

Recruitment Season Pass

Unlock all member privileges for the entire 2023 recruitment cycle. A three-month season pass is the best deal for committed students. (Same perks as regular members)
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Great value for interview season!
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What are the top Benefits of being a UXGO member?

At UXGO we believe everyone is unique, so we don't want to make you just like “everyone else”. We will customize your UX career for success. Here are six of the top perks of being a UXGO member.

Comparing UXGO Memberships At a Glance



"Free" Mentors


Average Cost
268$ for lifetime access.
1:1 costs vary on request.
"Free" but you pay with "time"
$6000 - 20,000$, often asks for "income share"
Taught virtually
For Current Students
Supplement your academic career with UXGO support and industry driven teaching.
Effectiveness greatly varies, not structured, validated, and not committed.
Structured for non design students, or individuals with out college education.
Teaching structure
Instant access to 65+ learning modules. Live workshops, 180+ Recordings, Community Teaching,
Mostly surface level 1:1's, popular mentors have long wait times & do not offer long term support.
"set courses" for 3 month, not 1:1, not flexible for students with prior experience
Industry Projects
Totally, you work with your FAANG coaches & members. We even offer internship projects with our network of clients.
No free mentor is going to offer this.
Mostly based in theory. You work with "other students" only, from a wide variety of levels.
Offer guarantee
50% - 100% money back for selected coached students
Offer guarantee based on "income share" agreements
Cancel anytime
Coach qualifications
FAANG equivalent experience, UXGO trained, the right level of freshness & interview experience
Likely too "senior" (out of touch) not qualified enough (Lack of FAANG experience) or is not currently working.
No coaching, only "networking" with industry folks
Peer to peer model

Frequently asked questions

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