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We achieve our affordable & high quality custom coaching through our unique membership model. What used to cost thousands of $ for students are now all accessible through one UXGO subscription.
1. Bridge the gap between academics & industry

Traditional education (universities, bootcamps) can be one size fits all. The theory-driven courses often leave UX students, unprepared for the real world. At UXGO we focus on what you need to get a job, not redundant knowledge. Your time is the most valuable during job hunting.

2. Access members-only Slack, receive custom career guidance ASAP.

Breaking into the UX industry can be overwhelming with numerous tasks. Our Slack coach and alumni team provide personalized timelines, guidance, and clarity for every member, ensuring a well-crafted plan for success.

3. Dive deep & develop UX industry & interview skills

Once you grasp your precise needs, use member resources to secure an offer. Connect with your chosen coach for advanced 1:1 courses such as interview prep, or understanding why your resume may not be getting interviews. Aim to build a mutual lasting connection; 85% of payments go directly to the coach, not us.

4. Succeed & give back to the community

At UXGO, coaches learn from each other, and students evolve into coaches, as they find success in their careers.

Secure an offer, and enjoy a free lifetime alumni membership upgrade with us—our goals align with yours.

50hr+ of 1:1 UX team work on real internship & client projects (0 UX experience needed)

Real Industry Project
Work with PM's & DEVS
Work with PM's & DEVS
Big tech UX team
3:5 coach to student ratio
50+ live classes in ten weeks

Boost your portfolio, resume, and interview with our advanced course's impactful big tech-level ten week intern project. Elevate your career—members enroll quarterly.

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Everything there is to master about UX interviews in 5 weeks (From real FAANG hiring teams)

Technical UX interview
White boarding
App crits
Portfolio review
Full onsite mock
Big tech examples
Question banks

This is the full interview prep to help you ace any interview, we only offer this course twice a year (November & January)

Highly selective apprenticeship programs at top start-ups
(Master the real UX workflow)

Work at a real company
Interview's needed
See your project get launched!
Work with a big tech coach hands on

Immerse yourself in our apprenticeship programs, collaborating with coaches in startup teams. Witness your project evolve from ideation to launch—a hands-on experience you won't find elsewhere, this course is very similar to the ten-week advanced course except interviews are needed.

Build your FAANG lvl portfolio website 0-1 in just Six weeks.
(Must have one project ready)

Website building
Web development

Perfect for members with existing case studies in need of refinement, whether from another bootcamp or project. Our class ensures a transformative outcome—a fully functional Webflow portfolio. (You can start with no website at all)

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2024 Recruitment Cycle Update: Over 200hr of updated courses and learning resources now available! Explore our new templates and guides, all accessible on-demand. Plus, enjoy 24/7 live Q&A support for our 500+ members, provided by a team of 30+ coaches from top tech companies.

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